12th of May

Behind the Scenes by Petra

Welcome to behind the scenes!!

happy film crew

Boom! Let’s start off with the image above. I’m gonna share some of the details about making my (still untitled) film.
The original title was “Miso Soup”, then as the script got developed, it changed into “Roused” and that was the working title. As we’re about to wrap up the editing process, there are some other titles that encapsulate the idea of the film even better. That’s what art is supposed to be, no? Constantly developing and elevating.

Let’s get back to the actual filming part. We shot a big portion in the West Village, over a weekend in December. The prospect of filming outdoors in New York City in the winter is scary, because the weather can be unpredictable, and often brutal. And you plan your shooting schedule weeks in advance. However, when December rolled around, we were blessed with the warmest winter NY had seen in a long long time. Evidence below 🙂

lead actors

filming minetta lane

Aside from West Village, other locations included a coffee shop and a hotel penthouse. I gladly took over the locations scouting part on this project. Guys. Do you have any, and I mean any idea how difficult it is to secure those kinds of locations in Manhattan on a low budget?! Let me start off by saying that there are no coffee shops that close doors any day of the week in NYC. They are open all the time. We didn’t have it in our budget to buy out the entire coffee shop for a day, but I made it my personal mission to visit every single coffee shop in the city and try to negotiate what we need. And I did it!! After a long (almost disheartening) search we found Coffee Foundry, a super cool and hip spot in the Village. They were super gracious and accommodating and allowed us to film there for the entire day.

petra coffee shop set

petra camera test

And the penthouse was a whole new story. I literally visited cca 100 hotels to find the right decor, style and atmosphere that suited the project. We filmed in Night Hotel on Times Square. That place is so gorgeous and sexy, it looks like a Bat Cave, or at least Bruce Wayne’s city duplex. We were incredibly lucky to be able to get that hotel for our film. It really translated beautifully on the screen.

behind the scenes

I am super excited to see the final product!!


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