About me…

I have been blessed to do what I love and love what I do, and given the courage to follow my crazy dreams. My mentality is to never give up. My passion is to know and celebrate mankind through art and exploration of people’s stories, emotions and motives. As an actor, I have a never ending desire to experience, understand and communicate. These instincts have led me into different fields of expressing myself – music (playing piano and guitar and songwriting), modeling, modern dance, as well as learning as much as I can about the world through extensive traveling, constant education and volunteer work. I am happy as long as the communication between myself and the world is flowing.

In cultivating my acting skill in such a manner of living, I have developed my own understanding of acting – it is trusting your instrument. It is following the impulse of inspiration for which a mental and physical relaxation is necessary, so that the body becomes a channel.

Short bio…

Born and raised in Croatia. Earned a BA in theatre there. Finished a 6 year music school, majoring in piano. Bilingual in Croatian and English, speak German and French. Special passion for all accents. Studied at RADA London, Lee Strasberg NY, UCB, Clown School etc. Worked in National theater in Croatia. First feature with David Arquette opened in Montreal Film Festival. This year a short film where I play the lead, Murder is my Business, premiered at the Short Corner at Cannes Film Festival. As a model, I walked this season’s NYWF and I landed my first cover in July’s issue of Vicissitude Magazine.

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