4th of March

The gift of screenwriting! *and a completed feature script!!

This update requires a post of its own, so bare with me;)

Last summer, I was moved to explore new things besides  acting and modeling. To be frank, I didn’t enjoy being in the position of just auditioning, networking and waiting for work (all great and necessary BTW). Something compelled me to be more proactive AND productive with my energy, time and inspiration.

I began to study screenwriting. Voraciously. Taking classes, reading other people’s work and all the books on the subject I could find, networking with writers, creating a community…. and realizing that I am completely in love with it. A perfect combination of art and craft. An outlet for exploration, healing, connection.

Today I am so proud to say, that after 3 drafts and numerous rewrites, my first feature screenplay titled “Catch the Flying Feather” is making rounds and placing really well in contests!!! I’ve been lucky to study with Jacob Krueger, an award winning screenwriter and teacher, whose experience and wisdom have been precious in the process.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for it.

Love to all. P


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