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OK, I admit it, the title generator came up with this ingenious (*sarcasm alert) film team title! I can’t take credit for it haha. But it well encompasses the idea I wanna focus on: Finding the right people to work with.

35 mm

On Tuesday I got invited to the “My First Time” session with Jeremy Saulnier, one of my favorite directors (Blue Ruin, Green Room).
*Sidenote #1: props to IFP for organizing this!! http://www.ifp.org/
Sidenote #2: Jeremy I wanna work with you – putting it out there in the Universe! 🙂

He talked to us young filmmakers about his trials, challenges and victories in his career. He was super real. He spoke a lot about “keeping it in the house” and how he prefers to work with people he already knows well. Listening to him inspired me to do this post.

Making films is 100% a team sport. It takes a really long time for a project to evolve from the first draft to actually seeing it in on the big screen, or wherever you distribute your content. In that process you collaborate with a number of people who take your original idea and elevate it and enrich it with their own talent, expertise and energy. You really can’t make a (decent) movie all by yourself. So it is super duper incredibly crucial to surround yourself with people who get what you’re trying to say as an artist, who are great at what they do, who you trust, and most importantly, who are enthusiastic and positive. Negative energy can really bring down a whole project.

Now how do you find those people? Well, for one, it doesn’t happen overnight. Relationships and trust require time and effort. Furthermore, you need to be honest with yourself. It’s actually a lot like dating. Sometimes we get caught up in what we want to hear, rather than what is actually being conveyed through actions. I think it was Maya Angelou (??) who said: When people tell you who they are, trust them. And then once in a while, you come across someone who gets you. And it makes the work so much easier, it makes it fun.

So go out there and find your dream film team. Don’t hunt for relationships, grow them.

And because most people are visual, I’m gonna convey my idea with some photos 🙂

This is how awesome collaborations feel:

easy filming

—> breezing through a project!!!

Because you don’t wanna be waking up and going to work like this :

surround yourself with positive people

—> DREAD. lol

And end up screening your movie here:

where you don't wanna screen your movie

xoxo, pETRA

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