5th of May

New Film Project!

After a long silence hahaha (I retrieved and worked – so pardon my absence), I am stoked to announce a new film project!

It’s something that I’ve been working on for the entire past year. The breakdown – after a particularly…hmm… interesting (read: BAD) date, I got inspired and wrote a short film screenplay. I sent it around to some trusting friends and writers for feedback and they convinced me to get it made.
So we got it made – the shoot took place in mid December in New York City, with the most amazing team of people I could wish for. The film is currently in the editing process and I expect it to be ready for showing sometime in June.

The details, photos, as well as the IMDB page are to come, stay tuned!

But for right now, here’s a sneak preview of what’s about to come!

Petra new short film

I just have to add, I have learned so so so much, working on this project. I have definitely developed a whole new level of respect for filmmakers who actually go out there and make their movie magic happen. It’s no small feat… at all. Learning about production, and location scouting and equipment and cinematography has been like a mini film school for me. I totally fell in love.

Petra 🙂

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